Instructor courses that have taken place for the past year & a half and have produced new instructors.
These courses are in-depth and are for 6 hours per day on the last Sunday of every Month.
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Frequently Asked Questions
[Questions & Answers]
What is an ACTP?

This is an intensive training programme, which covers three years of training material into just 18 months.

Do I need to be experienced in the martial arts?
If you already have experience, this would be a great advantage, but this is not essential. Do be aware that if you have little or no experience it may mean additional extreme training within your own time to complete the course successfully.

What is the course content?
This depends on the system that you wish to study, but the guidelines are similar, there are a total of ten modules to each art.

Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu

This martial art is from Southern China and is a very revered fighting art. It is a close quarter combat system using low kicks and the famous phoenix eye punching technique. It has many two person training drills and power exercise. Its rapid hand skills made it one of the most famous martial arts to come from China.



Module 1 covers;
Basic steps, 1st form (saam bo jin). 18 Bridge hands, basic hand drills and training exercises for power and strength. Form Shaking off the bridge hand

Module 2 covers;
Covers Breathing mist form, Turning hand for, double strike form and banging on the drum form, plus application of these form. You will be taught 5 training chongs to develop the sensitivity. Training drills that help reaction and natural development of the techniques in these forms. These are seldom taught
Module 3 covers;
Two sensitivity drill, there are 8 parts to this particular drill, such as “hunting the arm points” such phenomenal reflex training skill was shown personally to Paul Whitrod from Grandmaster Yip Shui, this skill is now open to you.

Module 4 covers;
locking skills, and locking flow drills plus Master Paul Whitrod will show two new forms that develop fast hitting and fast footwork. These two are Kau da Sau & Bic Sarn. “Hitting hands and lifting the mountain form”

Module 5 covers;
The 36 section fighting form, this seldom taught two person helps to develop the footwork, stamina and co-ordination. Plus the flying Dragon legs form. This is the only kicking form in the Mantis system. The first part will be shown in the module.

Module 6 covers
the next part of poon long keok “flying Dragon legs form” This concentrates on the floor aspect of the form. This was exclusively shown to Master Paul Whitrod by Grandmaster Yip Shui and now this is open to yourselves. Plus important training drills for the flying dragon legs form.

Module 7 covers
Fighting aspects from the 24 principals of fighting theory, showing applications of where to hit on the body with all skills shown. Plus weapons training, master Paul Whitrod will shown the staff form and two person staff fighting forms.

Module 8 covers
Iron Rulers weapon “dit jek” plus the two person fighting form with the pole against the dit jek. Plus applications of the pole and dit jek

Module 9 covers
The sword, swimming dragon sword and Mo ying sau “hands with no shadow” plus applications of the forms.

Module 10 covers
All what has been learnt over the course plus the introduction of the bo sim sau form “ Searching insect hand”. This is one of the most important training skills with the system.
After completion of the course and testing the content certificates are awarded to those who pass the examination.

When are these course dates?
Last Sunday of Every Month.

Can I enrol at any time?
[Yes you can enrol at any month, because module 1 starts for you at that given time.] Students are advised to enrol during course dates provided, this is to guarantee a space but we will endeavour to allocate you within a month that suits you.

How long is the training?
This is an intensive one year course that covers all you need to know for your recognised instructor qualification. It will be over a weekend between the hours of 10.00am – 3.00pm on Saturday and Sunday. Adequate weekends will be given to you so that you may retain information and also study by yourself to get the most out of this course.

What if I miss a weekend?
If you miss a weekend then you must be prepared to take private tuition and catch up on course material, everything must be completed within the year time span.

How much does the course cost in total?
Total cost is £2400 (paid in full) per 18 month training course.
It can also be paid in instalments of £1000 per 6 months.
To book a place a deposit of £200 must be paid.
Please note that fees are non refundable once training commences.

What qualification do I achieve from this course?
You will achieve an instructors certificate in the Southern Chow Gar Praying Mantis martial art. Recognised by the BCCMA. Our Martial Arts School [I myself] will draft a letter to the BCCMA of your achievement.

What happens after the course?

On your completion you will be eligible to enrol on the final module course consisting of four modules. Here you will learn about the advanced weapons: Spear, Straight sword, Staff and double hooks swords. Later you can train in Medicine for treatment of injuries, which will complete the entire programme.

When can I reserve a place for the 1st programme?

To reserve a place please express your interest by getting in contact via the details below. Do also include your deposit which should be made payable to
Praying Mantis, [and send to] Ithaca House, 27 Romford Road, Stratford, London E15 4LJ.

This is a full time Martial Arts school, that is close to local amenities, including restaurants, Stratford underground station (Central line) and bus terminal. Buses: 25, 308, 86 drops you to our door. There are a number of reasonably priced hotels near by [we have hotels] that can accommodate for the duration of a weekend.

Places are limited to 12 to 15 people at a time so don’t hesitate to book your place.

If you have any further enquires [questions] you can contact Master Paul Whitrod on 07702 594 398

Paul Whitrod Sifu

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